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1、What's  Sponge ?

Sponges are the most primitive multicellular animals, who live in the ocean for over 200 million years, it has been developed to more than 1 million species, accounting for 1 / 15 of the marine animal species, sponge is a vast ocean family, the most of them locate in marine intertidal to 8500 meters (more than 28000 feet) deep.

Not all sponges live in the ocean, there’s a kind of needle sponge genera (spongilla lacastris), also called freshwater sponges, and about 20 species, they live in fresh water, commonly in the clean lakes and streams. It with soft and fine structure, with appearance of shell like or branched clumps. You can find them live on the surface of aquatic plants, leaves and stones, due to the parasites such as algae living on the surface of sponges, it always show colors such as gray, brown or green.


2、What's spongilla spicules?

Fresh water sponge, it looks very soft, it will be mistaken for a plant by most people, in fact, it is a kind of animal. And even be a animal who have skeleton. Due to the particularity of its growth environment, Freshwater sponges gradually evolved the special bone, that’s spongilla spicules. which is a siliceous spicules, very small, but has a stronger hardness, for supporting the sponge body and resisting the enemy's invasion. Spongilla spicules constituted by hard protein and heteronuclear hard protein, do not dissolve in any kind of organic solution, therefore, can be used as a kind of ideal natural materials in cosmetics and skin peeling curing.

Freshwater sponges, usually attached to grow on the branches and corrupt leaves, the floating beings in the water and some parasitic algae, they will be salvaged with freshwater sponges together. But only the spongilla spicules are really will be used by. Other impurities are not beneficial to the skin, even cause skin allergies and infection. Therefore, we need to remove other impurities, as much as possible to extract pure spongilla spicules.


3. What's the Spongilla Powder?

Dried freshwater sponges, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says for "ZISHAOHUA", which is an ancient Chinese herbal medicine, which is widely used in the formula of male sex enhancement in traditional Chinese medicine. In Europe, people salvage it from lakes and streams, make them to fine powder after drying, directly apply on face, this usage was recognized as a effective treatment of acne and other skin diseases.

Currently on the market of spongilla products, more than 98% are spongilla powder, that's powder milling directly from dried freshwater sponges, only less than 10% of spongilla spicules content, the rest of the ingredients are impurities: including dry algae, fallen leaves and twigs, aquatic organisms and so on. Due to skin problems, especially acne skin, will have a relatively large area of skin damage, so this kind of impurity using on the face is very likely to cause allergy and infection.

By estimation, You can get about 1kg spongilla spicules from 10kgs spongilla powder. After purification, most of the impurities in the dried freshwater sponge are removed, only spongilla spicules will be needed by the skin are kept. You can take it to understand that the hydrolyzed sponge actually is natural silica with a needle appearance, they can be used directly on the skin, greatly reduce the likelihood of skin allergy and infection.

Basic Information                                                                                                                     

Apperance: Brown Powder
Powder size: 100% pass 100 mesh
Sponge needle content: About 98%
Impurity: < 2%, quartz
Precautions: External use only. powder composed by natural micro needles,skin touch will cause itching,
discomfort feeling will disappear within few minutes.



 1. Be one material Cosmetics                            5. Whitening              
 2. Anti acne                                                           6. Detumescence
 3. Anti-freckle                                                       7. Rheumatic mascular pain
 4. Acne Treatment                                               8 .Neuralgia and radiculitis.


  1. Leading Applied in Cosmetics ( peeling mask, cream, essence)
  2. Applied in Bath products (Dandruff treatment shampoo)
  3. Applied in Medicine (Female sex stimulation liquid,Pain relieving cream)


1、We are the incubator and pathfinder for Hydrolyzed Sponge in China.
2、the top technology with own factories , No any middlemen,

3、100% Natural product, without any synthetize ingredient.

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1. 1kg/double plastic bags with aluminum foil bag outside
2. 25kg/double plastic bags with fiber drum(50cm*38cm) outside
3. as your request


Storage: Store it in the cool and dry place . Keep it from strong light and heat.
Shelf life: 2 years when it is stored properly


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